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Games and Interactive Websites is the leading provider of reading material for pre-school,kindergarten and grade 1 students available online. The program iscomprised of carefully leveled guided readers, comprehensive phonicactivities and a wealth of supplemental reading material which graduallydevelop a child's reading skills in a sequential and enjoyable manner.Developed and approved by teachers and parents across the United States,Literactive is the acknowledged leader in early learning online. Allthe material is available for free from this site but you need toregister. Where children have fun learning to read. Games and activities that help children learn to read   Educational games pre-K through grade 5  A Free math game that plays like a video game.  Students grades 1 - 7 have to answer math problems to play the quests and challenges.  Parents may purchase an upgrade if they choose and the students are able to move faster and have different rewards in the game.  The upgrade does not change the academic part of the program.– A Free site where children can practice a variety of activities inMath, Science. Social Studies, Language as well as other activities.  - A  freewebsite with activities for students from Preschool and up  for Math,Reading, Science, Social Studies and a variety of other subjects to helpyour children. Children can practice with Math flashcards or they can do research on many different topics of interest.  Many different activities for beginning readers.    Books with change from English to Spanish in this Library by clicking on an icon in the book.   stories read to you by Screen Actors Guild members Fun math games for children of all ages from preschool on up. is a great site to help students learn their addition,subtraction, multiplication and division facts. This site was developedby a school district to help their students.
Readinggames and More to play online in a safe environment. Parents mayregistrar your child for free to play these learning activities. Games for all subject areas to help child with school Up to 10. Songs, games, and other kid-safe activities for children aged ten and younger. Street Central. The kids’ activities page with your friends fromSesame Street. Play games with Prairie Dawn, Elmo, and the CookieMonster. Play Kids Games. Check out math, alphabet and logic games designed for younger children and their parents. Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Includes activities for kids as well as show-related information for kids and parents. Explorers. Click on a letter of the alphabet and connect to notone, but many, many pictures of words with that letter and hot links toWeb sites about that word. Zoom By Kids, For Kids. This site offers games, activities, projects and more. Play along or submit your own activities. AGame A Day. This site offers puzzles, games, and related materialsdesigned to stimulate learning, problem solving, and creative thinking. Fun Educational games for children and teens, plus some parenting resources. PBS forKids. Games and activities connected to your favorite PBS programs,including Arthur, Between the Lions and Sesame Street. Also providesinformation for grownups on using the site.  Site by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration with great information for Science Lessons. There are Videos, games and much more.

Search Engines for Children  Yahoo for kids, designed for ages 7 to 12. Sites are hand-picked to beappropriate for children. Also, unlike normal Yahoo, searches will notbring back matched found by crawling the web, if there is no match fromwithin the Yahooligan listings. This prevents possibly objectionablesites from slipping onto the screen. Additionally, adult-oriented banneradvertising will not appear within the service. Yahooligans is theoldest major directory for children, launched in March 1996.  On thissite, Ask Jeeves for Kids, students can ask questions and get answers. The site includes games, news resources and study tools for students. Study tools include some really cute clip art, an almanac (FactMonster), a dictionary, a world atlas and much more. Annotation onParent’s page:  Each Web site included in Ask Jeeves for Kids iscarefully selected by an editor. We include only "G-rated" pages andthose written specifically for children. We select sites for the qualityand depth of their content, and for safety.!/ KidsClick! was created by a group of librarians at the Ramapo CatskillLibrary System, as a logical step in addressing concerns about the roleof public libraries in guiding their young users to valuable and ageappropriate web sites.   Please note that KidsClick! is not an Internetfilter. It does not prevent client web browsers from being used to surfany URL address that the user inputs. It is intended to guide users togood sites; not block them from "bad" sites.   Students can search bykeywords or by over six hundred subjects using the first letter.  Thesite even has a box at the bottom that says “What does this page looklike through a Librarian’s Eyes?”  When you click there, Deweyclassifications come up so you can search by Dewey number.  I wish Iknew about this site before I took reference. KidsKonnect is a safe Internet gateway for kids created and maintainedby educators.  Students can search from a long alphabetized list orsubject index.  Sites for teachers are included.  This site has won theEdLinks Award from the National Education Association and the Golden WebAward from the International Association of Web Masters and Designers.