Orange Grove
Student Transportation Policy 
  • In an effort to keep all of our students safe and accounted for, we do not allow students mode of transportation to be changed after 2:30 PM.
  • En el esfuerzo de mantener a nuestros estudiantes seguros y sin incidentes, después de las 2:30 PM no permitimos que se hagan cambios al modo de transportación de los estudiantes.

Additional transportation information: 

  • If a student's mode of transportation will be permanently changed over a period of time, the parent must send in a written note 24 hours before the change will go into effect so that it can be verified by our campus staff.
  •  If a student's mode of transportation on a given day, the parent or those listed with privileges to remove the student from school, must come into the front office IN PERSON with an ID  BEFORE 2:30 PM to make the change.

Dress code and Cell phone Policy 

Aldine ISD Standardized Dress Code PK - 8 2017-18.pdf
Aldine ISD Standardized Dress Code PK - 8 2017-18 Spanish.pdf
Examples of Uniform for Orange Grove:
dress code-shirts.pants.skirts.pdf
Dress code- shoes and Friday wear.pdf

Attached is the cell phone policies: